Dr. Dallas Shim

Dr. Dallas Shim is a Philadelphia native who had a childhood dream that she was destined to fulfill. Her mother always told her to help others, so Dr. Shim decided to help the animals who can’t speak or seek help themselves. She started working in a dog kennel at 18, and worked her way up as a technician. This led her to becoming an ER technician and fulfilling the roles of a cardiology, ophthalmology, and discharge nurse. She graduated in 2010 from Penn State University with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Dr. Shim fulfilled her dream in 2017 when she graduated from Ross University with her doctorate in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Dallas Shim is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association. She is an ER veterinarian who has professional interests in surgery and cardiology. When asked about the most satisfying part of being a veterinarian, Dr. Shim replied, “Being like Sherlock and figuring out what is wrong with the animal with subtle clues from the physical exam and history. Animals can’t speak and ask for help themselves so being able to do that for them and letting owners know how their pets feel strengthens the bond between a pet and the owner.” She also works with a non-profit organization that provides high volume spays and neuters, as well as low-cost high-quality veterinary care.

Dr. Shim shares her home with Harvey, a welsh cardigan Corgi, Maki, a domestic short-hair, and Hiccup, a Caribbean transplant cat. In her free time, she enjoys camping, being a foodie, and movie marathons.

February is Pet Dental Health Month. Dental checks are as important to animals as they are to us and looking after their dental health significantly prevents oral problems they may have in the future. Red gums, stinky breath, or yellow teeth could lead to an oral disease if left untreated, giving your pet a poor quality of life and nobody wants that!