Accessing Your Pet's Radiographs

To view your patient's radiographs you will need their client account number. This can be found on the cover letter that was faxed to your clinic. If you have trouble locating the account number, please call us at 856-234-7626 and we would be more than happy to assist you. View more detailed instructions below.


Step 1: In the search field below, enter the CLIENT number.

  • Example: 12345
  • No spaces should be entered between the numbers

Step 2: All views will be visible in a grid on the screen. If you would like to look at 1 image, 2, or 3, etc., drag your mouse to the top left over the grid box and choose which grid you would like. If you would like a different radiograph view, then click and drag that image from the left side to place it in your grid. To flip/rotate or to have more options see the top of the screen.