At Home Euthanasia

We are a team built on compassion and specialize in end-of-life decision making, home pet euthanasia services, and final care options for your dog, cat or exotic pet. We provide guidance, counseling and the ability to give your pet a gentle, loving and respectful transition in the comfort and peace of their favorite place….your home.

Deciding When It’s Time

Euthanasia is often the most emotional and painful decision you make for your animal. Because this decision is so difficult, it can be comforting to know what to expect and how you can best meet both your and your animal’s needs.

How is the euthanasia performed?

The euthanasia is performed by administering injectable medication. This generally requires the placement of an intravenous catheter into his/her leg. To minimize stress for you and your pet, special medications are used to sedate your pet prior to giving the final injection. The sedatives are chosen to suit your pet's special circumstances, including species, age, weight, and type of illness. These drugs are administered by a first injection which alleviates pain, causes relaxation, and is often accompanied by a deep anesthetic sleep.
After your pet is very sedated, usually soundly asleep, a final injection is given. This final injection is an overdose of yet another sedative. The overdose results in a painless and peaceful passing.

After Care

We can take care of your pets remains through cremation. You also have the option for at-home for burial (be sure to check local laws). You may choose a private cremation, and have your pet’s ashes returned to you.

Regardless of the aftercare option, you select, our care of your pet's body will be respectful, gentle, and honest.

What should I expect to feel?

Different people experience grief in different ways. Besides your sorrow and loss, which can be devastating in itself, you may experience guilt, anger, denial and/or depression. Depression and guilt are a natural part of the grief process, but if unchecked, can leave you powerless to cope with your feelings. Know that there is support, our hospital offers grief support sessions to help you cope with your loss, CLICK HERE for our upcoming sessions.

To schedule an at-home euthanasia or request additional information, please CLICK HERE to contact our staff, or call us at 856-234-7626.