Referring Your Patients

Mount Laurel Animal Hospital’s Emergency & Specialty Care services are designed to function as an extension of your primary care facility. We are dedicated to supporting the veterinary community by providing these referral services. We believe a strong interaction among veterinarians working together will strengthen the veterinary profession and provide the most ideal care for your patients. 
We ensure that patients referred to our hospital by you, will be returned to you for follow-up care. Our highly-trained staff adheres to our referral policy and your clients are informed that our services are limited to emergency and specialty care only. Please CLICK HERE to access our emergency/specialty client form. 
Communication with referral veterinarians is our utmost priority. Automatic notification that your patient was received at our hospital is sent to you through rVET Link. Daily progress reports as well as phone communication is vital to keep you involved in your patient’s care, followed by a case summary once your patient is discharged. In addition, we have a dedicated doctor hotline (856-320-VETS) available to you 24/7. One of our 60 doctors will answer the phone and provide you with answers to your questions immediately.
With today’s advances in veterinary diagnostics and treatments, we believe that the best outcome for a complicated case is achieved when the primary care veterinarian is an intrinsic part of a dedicated team of staff members, emergency doctors, and specialists, all communicating and collaborating together to provide quality medicine. 
Our emergency hospital is available to manage all medical and surgical emergencies around the clock: nights, weekends and holidays. You may refer emergency patients as well as hospital patients in need of overnight monitoring. These patients will be returned for follow up care, with a full report including x-rays and diagnostics.
Should you have any questions about our referral policies or would like to request additional information please CLICK HERE to contact JoEllen Griffith, your Referral Liaison.