Your best friend deserves the best coverage

Knowing you have selected a great pet insurance company is peace of mind. The best pet insurance companies have more than just competitive prices; they also offer versatile coverage options. We have researched several factors and discovered that only two of the nation’s biggest insurers impressed us enough that we would recommend them to our extended Mount Laurel Animal Hospital.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage offered by nationwide insurance includes preventatives, dentistry AND even prescription food should your pet need it. Annual costs for these types of medications and services outweigh insurance costs several times over. Having a comprehensive insurance plan will not only give you the financial piece of mind should your pet have an emergency, it will save you thousands over the course of your pet’s lifetime.

Major Medical Coverage

On a daily basis, we see accidents or illnesses costing owners hundreds and thousands of dollars to treat. Having just one unexpected major medical expense covered by an insurance policy would cover the cost of the monthly premium for several years!


All pets get the best coverage we have to offer under on simple plan.

Our plan covers 90% of actual veterinary costs for eligible claims once you meet the deductible.
Your pet receives unlimited life insurance coverage without caps.
Let us pay your bill directly to your veterinarian - just pay your portion and we take care of the rest.

With current advances in veterinary medicine and associated costs of treatments, pet insurance allows owners to give their pets the best care possible, while keeping costs manageable. New veterinary technology and treatments allows for management of diseases that previously resulted in euthanasia; however, these treatments can be costly. Pet insurance can help offset some or most of the expenses incurred while diagnosing, treating and managing a pet’s illness or injury. With pet insurance, owners can seek the care their pet needs knowing they will be reimbursed for the cost of the procedures and treatments.

Don't take our word for it...see what our clients are saying!

Having Trupanion pet insurance made a very difficult time a little less stressful by allowing me to focus on getting my furbaby life-saving surgery with a hospital stay without the worry of how I’d pay for it. Mount Laurel Animal Hospital and Trupanion’s partnership further eliminated any the need for me to file the claim; MLAH handled all of that and got the pre-approval. I could put all of my attention on the wellness of my pet. Michele J.

Selecting Trupanion as my pet insurance provider was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The memory of me bringing in groceries and Molly running out the door in a split second is still so vivid in my mind as I cannot remember a time I was so scared in my life. Molly suffered injuries from being hit by a car and required immediate orthopedic surgery. COVID was a very difficult time for my family as my husband lost his job and funds were very limited. Trupanion saved him and saved me from potentially having to make a decision that would change my life forever. I am so grateful to the staff for offering me 30 days free at my first wellness visit. Pet insurance is a MUST! Nicole B.

Without pet insurance, Sniffy wouldn’t be able to get the care that he needs! Trupanion is the best for Sniffy and has been a lifesaver throughout his journey! Find one that works for you and for what your pets are dealing with!