This service is going through operational changes and appointments are not available at this time, please check back for updates.


Neurological disorders often are as challenging to diagnose and treat in dogs and cats as they are in humans, which leads many primary care veterinarians to rely on the expertise of Neurologists and Neurosurgeons.

We are pleased to offer a full-time Neurology service and MRI Imaging led by Board Certified Neurologist, Dr. Philip Cohen.

Dr. Cohen is experienced in a variety of procedures including:

• Surgery for Intervertebral Disc Disease
• Tumor Removal from the brain
• Tumor Removal from the spine
• Corrective Surgery for malformations
• Spinal Fracture Repair
• Seizure Management & Control

He is available for consultations and appointments 4 days a week.


• High-field MRI generates faster scan times and higher quality images
• Allows more accurate diagnoses of nervous system abnormalities
• Enables more specific treatment plans for the underlying condition