At Mount Laurel Animal Hospital, our dedicated veterinary team actively follows all the latest developments and best practices in the breeding of purebred dogs. Thanks to their years of experience and commitment to delivering excellent care, our veterinarians have gained widespread recognition among the larger community of veterinarians and breeders for their work.

We are proud to offer a wide range of reproductive services at our animal hospital, from initial pre-breeding exams through high-risk or planned caesarean sections.

In addition, we offer discounted exam fees for litters, pre-scheduled caesarian sections, pregnancy diagnosis, tail docking and dewclaw removal.

Male Reproductive Services (Collection, Storage & Shipping)

• Initial visit frozen semen program
• Subsequent collections & freezing
• Collection of stud for insemination
• Frozen semen international shipment
• Frozen semen domestic shipment
• Frozen semen insemination
• Frozen semen transfer ownership
• Chilled semen kits
• Chilled semen kits 2 or more
• Chilled semen collection and kit prep
• Small dry shipper rental
• Semen evaluation complete
• Semen evaluation morphology

Female Reproductive Services (Insemination & Timing of Breeding)

• Deep vaginal insemination
• Surgical insemination
• Vaginal cytology
• Progesterone testing with interpretation
• Brucella
• Technician appointment for blood draw
• Pregnancy confirmation
• C-Section

Litter Services

• Tail docking
• Dewclaw removal
• Litter exams

E-mail Dr. Lauren Simermeyer with any questions regarding pricing and services.

Dr. Lauren Simermeyer