Dr. Kimberly DiTata

Following graduation from Wesleyan University where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Neuroscience and Behavior, Dr. Kimberly DiTata went on to pursue her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. With the completion of two post-graduate internships to her credit, she began employing her passion and skill for veterinary medicine as an Emergency Clinician for several years. She has special interest in emergency medicine, critical care and emergency surgery.
Dr. DiTata’s drive to pursue a career in veterinary medicine began at a young age as she was inspired by training her family pet. She says, "I find it most rewarding when I can pursue clues in a patient’s history and examination that cue me in to the correct diagnostics, allowing me to obtain a diagnosis and figure out how to best treat the patient.  I also find it rewarding to work with the family of the pet as a whole – formulating a treatment plan that is most in tune with the family’s needs and is simultaneously in the pet’s best interest.” 
Dr. DiTata is a member of the American Veterinary Association, Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society and the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association.
At home, Dr. DiTata enjoys reading, traveling, hiking and the beach as well as spending time with friends and her fabulous cat Izzy.