COVID-19 Safety Protocol For Existing & Emergency Clients.

We’re here for you, the pets you love, and the communities we live in and serve.

We appreciate your loyalty and trust in us during the COVID-19 pandemic and THANK YOU for continuing to allow us to care for your beloved family members who motivate us and brighten our days.

We have re-opened our doors to allow PRIMARY & SPECIALTY CARE clients inside our hospital at a very limited capacity.

Technician, Admits, Discharges & Emergency visits will continue to be conducted via our curbside service.

As restrictions have began to loosen, our staff is still taking precautionary measures to keep you and our wonderful patients safe, all while providing the highest level of care. Staff members continue to wear PPE, and COVID-19 exposure questions will be asked by our team prior to your pet’s visit.

In-Person Appointment Requirements

We Ask That You Follow The Guidelines Below:

  • 1 family member will be escorted into our hospital by a team member
  • Please stay seated in your exam room unless escorted out by your
  • technician/veterinarian or otherwise directed.
  • Please keep your mask on at all times; we know this can be difficult.
  • If you need to step out, please have your nurse walk you out.
  • Please feel free to use the hand sanitizer provided.
  • Most importantly, please stay home if you are feeling sick

Primary Care In-Person Appointment Process

You will receive text/email reminders prior to your appointment so that all forms may be completed and submitted before your visit. This will help us expedite your appointment as best as possible. When you arrive at our hospital please proceed up the driveway and park your vehicle in one of the BLUE NUMBERED SPACES and follow the text instructions on the signage posted between the numbers.

When it is time for your visit, a technician will escort 1 family member into our hospital with your pet through our primary care entrance located on the side of our hospital to your exam room where you will remain for the entire visit. The family member who enters with the pet must be the same family member for the duration of the appointment, we are unable to allow individuals to exchange places; however you are more than welcome to video chat during the visit.

At the conclusion of your visit we will instruct you to use your mobile device to pay for services by visiting

Once payment is processed your technician will escort you and your pet to our lobby and out of our emergency entrance door located at the front of the building.



Primary Care Entrance Plan


In-Person Specialty Appointment Instructions

 Initial consultations with our Specialists will be seen in-person.

 All recheck appointments, tech appointments, admits and discharges will remain curbside until further notice (see instructions below).

 Checking-In Will Remain Curbside:  When you arrive at our hospital, you will still check-in curbside. Prior to your appointment, you will receive instructions to check-in by texting us at 856-234-7626 with your last name, pet's name, vehicle type, and parking spot number. 

 A team member will greet you at your vehicle and bring your pet and 1 (one) masked pet parent into the building.  

 Since only 1 person is permitted to attend the appointment in-person, we strongly recommend the person who is making medical decisions for your pet  accompanies them during their appointment. Unfortunately, we cannot allow clients to switch with each other half-way through an appointment. You are welcome to have another family member on speaker phone or face-time to participate in the discussion.

 Our technician will ask any important questions regarding your pet's health and history. Please remember to fill out your pet's Patient History Form prior to their appointment so we can prepare for your visit and obtain appropriate records in advance. Failure to fill out the form in advance may result in the appointment reverting to a curbside appointment. 

 The doctor will greet you in the exam room, perform a thorough examination on your pet and together you and the doctor will come up with a treatment plan. If extended wait times are anticipated for any advanced diagnostics, we may ask you to wait in your vehicle for the remainder of the appointment. 

 The exam room will then be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next client and patient.

 If you or anyone you have been in direct contact with are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 such as recent respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, brain fog, or fever, please notify our team immediately so that we can help reschedule your appointment. 

Failure to remain masked at all times will result in your appointment reverting to curbside. 

All re-check appointments, technician appointments, admits and discharges will remain curbside until further notice.

 We ask that you come prepared with a mask if personal interaction with our medical team becomes necessary. If you don’t have access to a mask, please inform a team member and we will provide you with one.

 When you arrive at our hospital, please check-in curbside. Prior to your appointment, you will receive instructions to check-in by texting us at 856-234-7626 with your last name, pet's name, vehicle type, and parking spot number.

After check-in, a member of the medical team will meet you at your vehicle to bring your pet into the hospital for an examination. After the examination, our doctor will call you to discuss their initial findings and secure authorization for diagnostics/treatment/hospitalization.

 At the conclusion of your pet’s appointment our Client Services team will contact you via phone to assist with payment while the technician returns your pet to your car with any medications or discharge instructions.

 Please have your phone available with the volume turned up for the entire duration of the appointment so our team can reach you when needed.


Pharmacy pick-ups will pull into our parking lot and follow the text instructions indicated on the signage between the space numbers. When texting please include the patient's first name, last name and your parking space number. A pharmacy technician will bring your pet's medication(s) to your vehicle and payment can be made on your mobile device at

We require 24-48 hours for most medication refills, and 72 hours for specialty medication refills.


You can now check-in for your Emergency Visit inside our lobby. When you arrive for an emergency, please check-in at our ER check-in counter. Once checked-in, a technician will triage your pet where they will ask you questions about what's going on, and then bring your pet to the Emergency Treatment Room to assess them and start any approved treatments, if needed.

We may ask for you to await the ER clinician's call while in your vehicle, as we are continuing to see Emergencies curbside. Once your pet has been examined by the clinician, they will call you to discuss their findings and recommendations. Once the visit is complete, we will bring your pet back to your vehicle along with any discharge instructions and medications to go home and assist in obtaining payment for services rendered. If you prefer to check-out in-person, you are welcome to come back into the lobby to check-out at our check-out counter.