Vaccines 101

Vaccinations are an important tool that we, as veterinarians, use to keep your pet healthy. When we vaccinate your pet, we give an altered form of a bacteria or virus. It is injected under the skin, given intra-nasally, or by […]

Pet First Aid Care

ALLERGIC REACTIONS Can be exhibited by facial swelling, focal areas of swelling on the body, and generalized hives.  If the swelling is focal you can attempt to treat at home with benedryl.  A dog’s dose is 1mg per pound.  If there are generalized […]

Rabbit Husbandry

Rabbits are a great option for a new family pet. They are generally very friendly and calm and make good additions to most households. Rabbits are prey species in the wild and unfortunately this means they can be a little […]

The Itchy Dog

Atopic dermatitis and pyoderma, skin conditions seen commonly in dogs, are two of the most frequent reasons our pets will need to visit the veterinarian every year. Atopic dermatitis is an allergic skin disease that is caused by an immunological […]

Fish Medicine

Here at Mount Laurel Animal Hospital, we are able to care for many different species but we aren’t just limited to terrestrial animals. We are also able to take care of many different species of aquatic animals including fish, corals, […]

Where Did The Ball Go?

Unfortunately our canine friends can be indiscriminate eaters and may swallow anything they can get their hands on. It is hard to know what they may have quickly gobbled into their mouth at times and thus, we may need to […]