Easter Pet Toxicities

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Easter is a time for families to come together to enjoy each other’s company and take part in a variety of holiday traditions. Sometimes, pets can get themselves into trouble during this holiday. Here are a few common intoxications of […]

Meet The 3 Amigos

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Meet The 3 Amigos: Ernie, Moe, and Chupa (short for Chupacabra). The Amigos are a species of parrot most commonly called the Mexican red-headed Amazon. This species is also known as the green-cheeked Amazon and the red-crowned parrot. The scientific […]

Pet Dental Health

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February is National Pet Dental Health Month. It’s key to realize that our pet’s dental health is very important and that there are things we can be doing as pet owners, from the time they are puppies and kittens, to […]

Does My Cat Have A UTI?

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Urinary issues are among the most common reasons for feline emergency visits. Your cat may suddenly develop bloody urine, start urinating outside the litter box, spend lots of time going in and out of litter box, or strain to urinate […]