Summer Hazards For Pets

As temperatures continue to rise, our furry friends will have additional time outdoors. With this comes the opportunity to discuss common summer pet hazards. Common issues for which pets present to the hospital include heat related injuries or illnesses, allergic […]

Pet Travel Safety

Whether by plane or car there are some important things to consider when traveling with our pets. No matter where or how you are traveling make sure your pet is microchipped (remember to register!) and has proper identification with a […]

COVID-19 Puppy Socialization 101

In this novel and uncertain time, many families find themselves at home with extra time on their hands. We have seen a uptick in new puppy visits since the start of quarantine and want to make sure that anyone who […]

Pet Toxicities

With Spring comes the Easter holiday season! Easter is a time for families to come together to enjoy each other’s company and take part in a variety of holiday traditions. Sometimes, pets can get themselves into trouble during this holiday. […]

Pets & Coronavirus

Given the latest news, you may be wondering if coronavirus (Covid-19), which has infected thousands of people worldwide, is a threat to your pets. Bottom line, at this time, unless you have coronavirus or your pet has been exposed to […]

Why Microchip?

The thought of micropchipping can stir up stress in the minds of pet owners. However, there are many important benefits to providing a microchip for your furry friend. Microchips are small devices that emit a radio frequency containing information. They […]

All About Prophylactic Gastropexy

One life-threatening emergency that is commonly seen on our emergency service is gastric dilatation-volvulus or “GDV” (see below), commonly referred to as “bloat”.  The veterinarians at Mount Laurel Animal Hospital are prepared and available in case your dog develops GDV. Of course, […]