Online Pharmacies in Veterinary Medicine

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Most people have experienced the convenience of purchasing things online. It’s easy and can save time and money. However, when purchasing medications for your pet, please keep several very important things in mind.

It is critical that a pet receives exactly the correct medication in the right dose as prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. There must be a valid ‘client-patient relationship’ between a pet owner and a veterinarian. This means that the veterinarian has examined the pet within the past year and has knowledge of the details about the pet’s health. The veterinarian can then prescribe medication for the pet. Where the pet owner purchases the medication is ultimately up to the pet owner. Pet owners can always request written prescriptions if they opt to not purchase medication at the veterinarian’s office. However, please be aware of where the medication purchase is coming from.

There are some risks when doing business with internet pharmacies. In some cases, manufactures of medications may invalidate certain warranties if the medication is not purchased from a veterinarian. Consult manufacturers before purchasing medications. Always be sure that any pharmacy you purchase medication from is a licensed, United States pharmacy. There have been numerous reports of counterfeit drugs sold online and incorrectly labeled and packaged products.

Also, request a written prescription directly from your veterinarian and deliver that prescription directly to the pharmacy of your choice. This will reduce risk of miscommunication and errors that can happen when some online pharmacies push through automatic refill requests without the owner’s consent. Pharmacies should never be automatically filling medications without appropriate authorization from the veterinarian and the pet owner. Be sure the medication you are receiving is exactly what was prescribed by the veterinarian. Work together with your veterinarian to make sure your pets get the best possible care.

Author: Dr. Rebecca Merrifield