Why Microchip?

The thought of micropchipping can stir up stress in the minds of pet owners. However, there are many important benefits to providing a microchip for your furry friend. Microchips are small devices that emit a radio frequency containing information. They are rather small, in most cases no bigger than a grain of rice. The micropchip is generally placed under the skin through a needle, similar to how a vaccine would be given. The entire process can be done quickly as an outpatient appointment and provides a life time of benefits.

The obvious benefit to microchipping is that it will increase the chance of you being reunited with your pet. When animals are brought into veterinary hospitals or shelters as lost pets it is an extremely common practice for them to be scanned for a micropchip. Those with a chip present have a much higher chance of being reunited with their owners. Some estimates place the return rate of microchipped pets to be as much as 20 times higher than those whom have not been microchipped. Another important benefit of mircrochipping is in the case of multiple claims of pet ownership. A microchip can serve as an important tool to allow for ownership of a pet to be further verified.

As a veterinarian and pet owner I recommend microchipping for cats and dogs and have both of my cats microchipped that this time. It is an important, inexpensive, and quick process to help ensure the security of your furry friend!