Back To School Pet Safety!

It is back to school time! While this is a very busy and exciting time for the family, particularly the children, this can be a time where the family pet make take a back seat to all of the items on the to do list. Be sure to continue to spend some quality time with your pet. Increased alone time can result in anxiety or your pet finding other things to occupy their time, ie chewing on items in the home. We do have a full time veterinary behaviorist who can help with issues should they arise.

A few of the back to school supplies can be especially problematic if your pet ingests them. Gorilla Glue can create a need for a foreign body surgery if eaten by your dog. The glue expands and creates a large foamy substance similar to a nerf football in the stomach. If your dog eats this please call our emergency department immediately.

While most markers are non-toxic, the plastic material they are made of, as well as pens and pencils, can create sharp splinters when chewed up and ingested. Be sure to keep these safely out of the reach of your pets.

And always, be very careful while cooking in the presence of your pet. The new school year often bring bake sales, etc. Chocolate, raisins and xylitol (a sugar substitute) can all be deadly if ingested by your pet. Take appropriate precautions to ensure that they are not able to get ahold of these items in your kitchen. If ingested, please call us immediately for instructions.

Author: Dr. Lauren Simermeyer

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