Dr. Jen Jovinelly

Dr. Jovinelly grew up in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania and attended Temple University, graduating with a degree in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience in 2017. She went on to attend veterinary school at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 2023.

Dr. Jovinelly is a full-time emergency veterinarian at Mount Laurel Animal Hospital. Her professional veterinary interests include clinical pathology, endocrine disorders, surgical interventions, and anesthesia.

She previously worked as a veterinary assistant in Philadelphia for two years before attending veterinary school. Before that, she was a volunteer dog walker at a local shelter for six years and interned at a farm animal sanctuary for two summers.

Dr. Jovinelly shares her home with 3 rescue cats named Emma, Odin, and Dr. Owen Bartholomew Dalton.

Outside of veterinary medicine, Dr. Jovinelly enjoys hiking and DIY projects (usually cat enrichment themed). She is a proficient potter when she has access to a wheel and kiln. Dr. Jovinelly also enjoys photography but claims that her photography skills are limited, but improving. She loves trying to capture the expression and emotion of animals engaged in their favorite activity. She was a competitive swimmer through school and now enjoys winning races against family and friends at the beach.