MLAH-U Symposium

Pearls Of Wisdom – Tips from our Specialists and Specialty Trained Staff

Earn 6 RACE CE Credits
When: Sunday, November 5 • 9am – 5pm
Where: Laurel Creek Country Club 701 Centerton Rd. Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
Lunch will be provided
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Paws To Heaven Crematory, Hills 

Dr. Reid Groman
Acute Canine Parvoviral Enteritis: This talk will focus on clinical features of this well recognized syndrome to review fluid therapy, pain management, antimicrobial therapy, anti-emetic medications, and general supportive care of acutely ill patients in general, as well as presenting updates on both inpatient and outpatient management of puppies suffering from viral enteritis.
Dr. Caroline Garzotto
The Pearls Of Surgery: Common orthopedic diseases/lameness, joint taps, intervertebral disk disease, surgical oncology, urinary surgery, wound care, airway surgery and more!
Dr. Colin McDermott*
Exotic & Aquatic Medicine
What do I do with this? What to do when exotic companion animals show up on your doorstep and the basics of emergency care for exotic species. *fellowship trained veterinarian
Dr. Erika Krick
Benefits of effective communication: Before the medicine, we begin establishing trust and building a relationship with our clients. The evidence supporting mindful practice of effective communication skills will be presented in addition to a brief review of selected specific skills. Poke first, ask questions later: FNA of palpable lumps and bumps is non invasive and low cost with a quick turnaround time. Having the diagnosis before surgery helps with staging and treatment recommendations. Tumors that are most and lest likely to be diagnosed via FNA will be presented. Cats are not small dogs: The prognosis and treatment options for cats and dogs with the same cancer diagnosis can vary widely. Grade versus Stage: Tumors for which Grade and Stage have prognostic importance will be presented, as well as recommended staging tests for common tumors. Published grading systems for selected tumors will also be presented. PARR, Flow, and IHC. What are they good for?
Dr. Shana Gilbert-Gregory
Why does my canine or feline companion do these things? How to recognize common canine and feline behavioral problems, dispel common myths on canine and feline behavior, provide owners with a basic understanding of companion animal behavior, initiate basic behavioral medicine therapy and options to refer cases to the veterinary behaviorist.
Dr. Khush Banajee
Clinical Pathologist
Optimizing Cytology: The advantages and indications of cytology, proper technique, what a diagnostic cytology looks like, and the next steps to take if a "non-diagnostic" sample is procured.

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