Shayna Rodriguez CVT, CCRP

Shayna has been a part of the field of veterinary medicine since 1990. She has worked in shelter medicine, holistic, emergency and critical care, internal medicine, and routine vet care and surgery. Through the years, she developed a passion for canine rehabilitation.

Shayna attended the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine where she received her Canine Rehabilitation Certification. She started and successfully ran an animal rehabilitation center in Pennsylvania before joining our team. Shayna is a Certified Weight Coach with Purina and has special interest in physical therapy and pain management.  She says, “sporting and post-op rehab are fulfilling for me, and geriatric pets are my very favorite!”

She volunteers with HSUS vaccine clinics and also donate therapeutic massage to active and retired race horses.

Shayna shares her home with two dogs, seven cats and three large birds. All of her animals are rescue animals and have found their way into her home through the years. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the drums, building musical instruments and training service dogs for the hearing impaired.