Referral Update As Of 12/22/21

Regarding abdominal ultrasounds, our ER service has limited availability and needs to reserve these slots for critically ill and urgent cases. We ask that non-urgent, clinically normal/chronic condition cases be scheduled with our internal medicine service. Please have your client call for an IM consult appointment. Please note our IM service is currently booking appointments 2-4 weeks out.

At the present time, despite maintaining a daily schedule of 5-7 doctors on at any given shift as well as 2 overnight veterinarians, our caseload has periodically surpassed our ability to serve the volume of patients presenting to our emergency service.

At times, we may be in a position to divert minor, non-emergent cases to focus on truly critical cases and the volume of patients in our ICU and wards.

We are requesting your support in helping to triage the type of cases that are being referred to our hospital to enable us to best utilize our resources to help the patients and clients in the most need. Many cases may be requested to either follow up with their primary veterinarian the following day or come back the next day through the ER when additional staffing is available and wait times may be less.

IMPORTANT: If you are transferring a case, including abdominal ultrasounds to our hospital, kindly call the DOCTOR HOTLINE 856-320-VETS (8687) to discuss the patient prior to their arrival. 

As always, thank you for entrusting your patients with our care and allowing us to be an extension of your healthcare team. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to your Referral Liaison, JoEllen Griffith at [email protected].