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It was like an animal paradise. Lots of room for all their animals, very well cared for patients, friendly and helpful staff!

Pam C

We appreciate every single one of you who provided assistance and support to us in any way. We can’t thank you enough for the home visits provided during her last week which were critical to allow her to rest as comfortably as possible.

Lori & Chris R.

If not for your staff and their willingness to work with my limited funds, my kittens may not be alive today. There is a special place in heaven for people that do the work you do.


We felt so comfortable that Chloe was in the best possible care at MLAH. We are thankful for the support of every staff member.

The Nasto Family

Your loving and sincerest sympathy is truly appreciated.

Margie & Alicen C.

I have never experienced a more caring and knowledgeable team. Amazing is an understatement.

David R.

I wish to express my sincere thanks for saving Snowflake’s life. She means so much to me and your quick action, kindness and treatment really helped her so much. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Mrs. W.

If it wasn’t for your generosity and amazing love for animals we wouldn’t still have our little guy. There are no words to express how grateful we are to you for saving Beau’s life.

Jen and Tom E.

I am so thankful that there are kind, caring, hard-working people like you all!

Stephanie & Josh

Your extreme kindness and sensitivity will always be appreciated and remembered. It meant so much to me.


No cat was ever treated with such loving compassion, I am truly grateful.

Connie W.

The staff was very compassionate, caring, sensitive and understanding. They are to be commended on their professionalism and sympathetic manner in dealing with a situation such as this. They truly are an asset to your hospital.

Elaine & Sam H.

Simply the best animal hospital, staff and team there is in this area. Always treated kindly and respectfully. All my pups have been patients here. A few of them frequent flyers. We have had the best care always from the front desk to the exceptional doctors. Special love to Dr. Mankowski and your care and attention to our beloved Snickers.

Kim D.

First time ever there. Called ahead of time for my injured bird. As soon as I walked in they knew it was me (idk how, they are that good lol) brought him back as a STAT. Place is Great and everyone who needs help with an injured animal should go here!!!!

Stefnia M.

Awesome  vet environment I have Sugar Gliders and Dr Pello and her staff gave them the best care ever. Since they are exotic pets , not all vets care for them. Dr. Pello does and is fantastic. Thank you mount laurel team for a wonderful vet experience

Anthony D.

This animal hospital here…yes…I honestly can’t express it, how impressed I was with this hospital. The staff to the vet, to the techs all, were so loving, kind, gentle. They took very good care of my cat given the circumstances weren’t good. I love the sympathy card they sent me with the wildflower heart pod. The cast of my kittehs paw and their online memorial. I also truly appreciate the fact the offer you grief support as well. That’s just beautiful. Definitely bring any future fur babies here.

Anna L.

Amazing animal hospital! I went with my girlfriend with your two Pitbull dogs and the staff was nothing short of amazing. From being caring to reassuring and every where in between. I kind of wish I lived closer to here because I trust them so much with their knowledge and care taking.

Matthew G.

Appointment went smoothly and with a dog with panic attacks that’s saying a lot. I appreciate that the need to feed cheese to keep him comfortable through appt is in his file. Also that Dr Rose was willing to do the IV in the appointment room instead of taking Sammy into the back where his anxiety would have been very high.

Susan M.

My vet always goes out of her to explain everything to me. The entire staff is friendly and accommodating

Chubbs was seen within the first 15 minutes ?

Beth L.

Doctor and staff is excellent. Even though there is construction taking place, the building is very neat and clean. It was perfect, right on time. Absolutely, they were great. Very easy, just call and make an appointment!

Terri S.

Dr. McDermott absolutely unrealistic amazing with above and beyond phone calls, conversations. Spends so much time with me, attentive To detail, never rushes

Mike G.

Since our very first visit to Mount Laurel we have felt as though Nellie was in good, caring and compassionate hands.  Your staff has been fantastic – each interaction has proven their kindness and professionalism.

Anne S.

Lauren was great…. Incredible with Ollie and was able to call us back with answers to our questions within a couple of hours of our appointment

John B

My Sully has had the best care from Oncologist Dr Krick and her staff. He has been in remission for almost one year. We went from weekly treatments to follow ups monthly. Dr Krick is amazing and she is as happy as we are that he is doing well. Your pet is in good hands at Mount Laurel Animal Hospital.

Bonnie M

Worth the hour drive for us, without question. They treat our pets, which include chickens, with the same love, urgency and compassion they would if they were human. That means the word to us. We know our pets are in the best hands. Highly recommend! 

Kate N

Dr Pello and her staff are a wonderful and caring group of exotic specialists. the are extremely knowledgeable and care for your pet like there own. 

Ali W

I am in awe of Mount Laurel Animal Hospital for saving a sweet soul that seemed unsaveable. Without their experience, dedication, and love, I’m certain our puppies wouldn’t be where they are today living the awesome lives that they have!